DIS PDU Recorder

DIS PDU Recorder records and replays DIS exercises. This application provides basic PDU filtering for recording or playback. It can only record one exercise ID at a time.

The recording files are fully compatible with the DIS Link Monitor and DIS PDU Analyzer. As a result, the DIS PDU Recorder and DIS Link Monitor can replay each other's recordings, and the DIS PDU Analyzer can analyze output from the DIS PDU Recorder. However, the DIS PDU Recorder operates independently of the DIS Link Monitor and DIS PDU Analyzer, so you don't need to purchase all three applications.

The DIS PDU Recorder supports dual LAN operation for recording and playback. It also supports broadcast and multicast DIS operations.

DIS PDU Recorder provides three ways to start and stop exercise recording and playback:

Use local, manual controls to start or stop recording, even if you initiated the recording remotely. You can also insert bookmarks in a recording or playback, or position playback at an arbitrary time or bookmark.

What kind of filtering does PDU Recorder provide?

PDU Recorder has the capability to capture/playback all PDUs or filter the capture/playback to only radio family related PDUs.

Which functions can I control remotely?

The DIS PDU Recorder can remotely control almost all local functionality, except for the deletion of existing bookmarks in a recording.


$ 2,875 US
$ 3,450 Int.
Enterprise License options available. Contact ASTi for pricing.