DIS PDU Analyzer

DIS PDU Analyzer can process Protocol Data Unit (PDU) capture files offline. It generates human-readable text files, exports PDU data in comma-separated values (.csv) format for import into other database applications and allows you to inspect, edit, or replay individual PDUs.

What kind of filtering does DIS PDU Analyzer provide?

DIS PDU Analyzer provides seven filtering options that work independently:

How are PDU structures defined for DIS PDU Analyzer?

DIS PDU Analyzer uses custom PDU definitions from the DIS Link Monitor. Generate your own definition for any PDU type, including nonstandard PDUs.

What options does DIS PDU Analyzer provide for PDU Replay?

DIS PDU Analyzer provides three mechanisms to replay PDUs:

What parts of a PDU may be edited prior to replay?

The only elements of a PDU that you cannot edit are the PDU type, family codes, and length. However, you can edit all other records in the PDU header and data.


$ 950 US
$ 1,140 Int.
Enterprise License options available. Contact ASTi for pricing.