DIS PDU Generator

DIS PDU Generator generates DIS PDUs using PDU Templates. DIS PDU Generator provides capability to generate PDU data in a user-friendly manner. Options are provided for immediate transmission of the defined PDU as well as the capability to save defined PDUs to a file for subsequent replay.

What kind of data entry does DIS PDU Generator provide?

In the DIS PDU Generator, you can enter values for the PDU template's various records. You can also enter the position, velocity, and orientation in human-readable formats. The DIS PDU Generator also automatically converts angles expressed as degrees into radians.

How are PDU structures defined for DIS PDU Generator?

DIS PDU Generator uses custom PDU definitions from the DIS Link Monitor. Generate your own definitions for any PDU type, including nonstandard PDUs.

What options does DIS PDU Generator provide for PDU Replay?

DIS PDU Generator provides options for the single-shot transmission of the defined PDU, as well as periodic transmission at a selected interval.


$ 575 US
$ 690 Int.
Enterprise License options available. Contact ASTi for pricing.